Notes (in transposing)

Edyta Górniak

Dom dobrych drzew Notes (in transposing) for guitar - guitar 1 part

"Dom dobrych drzew" – ("House of Good Trees") is a song performed by Edyta Górniak and promoting in 2018 the new TVP series titled "Leśniczówka". Our work includes the score of the song, sheet music and tablature for individual voices and a notation of a melody line with signed chords.The set includes: the song score, sheet music and lyrics...

Our price: 18.50 18.50

Ed Sheeran

I See Fire Notes (in transposing) for guitar

"I See Fire" - a song from the movie "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug". The notation, which we present here is based on the recording also contains a short solo violin and cello accompaniment. The set we present in the form of musical notation score and sheet music for each instrument separately. In addition to timetabled individual voices we...

Our price: 14.00 14.00

Gipsy Kings

Inspiration Notes (in transposing) for guitar - guitar 1 part

"Inspiration" is one of the many instrumental, romantic and at the same time, dynamic compositions of the band Gipsy Kings. From the soloist it requires considerable technical skill. The band performs this song in several different versions. The development, which we are presenting here is based on the recording of the third album "Gipsy Kings"...

Our price: 15.00 15.00

Wojciech Młynarski

Jeszcze w zielone gramy Notes (in transposing) for piano - accompaniment

"Jeszcze w zielone gramy" - For the first time the song appeared on the album "Jeszcze w zielone gramy", released in 1989 and it is a version with accompaniment of instrumental ensemble. In the later years also saw the recording of this song with piano accompaniment. Our development is designed for vocals with accompanied by piano or instrumental...

Our price: 18.50 18.50

Zbigniew Wodecki

Lubię wracać tam gdzie byłem Notes (in transposing) for tenor saxophone - melody line

"Lubię wracać tam gdzie byłem" ("I like to go back where I was") - this song belongs to the greatest hits of Zbigniew Wodecki and was performed in many different versions and arrangements. Our development is based on the version that was found on the album-compilation "Zbigniew Wodecki - Największe Przeboje" from 1992. In the set we present...

Our price: 11.50 11.50

Wolna Grupa Bukowina

Pejzaże harasymowiczowskie Notes (in transposing) for guitar

"Pejzaże harasymowiczowskie" - is one of many songs in the genre of sung poetry, written by Wojciech Belon and performed by the band Wolna Grupa Bukowina. The notation that we present here was based on the recording on the album "Bukowina" (1991).The set includes: the score of the song, notes and lyrics for the vocal parts, arrangement with guitar...

Our price: 10.50 10.50

Ed Sheeran

Perfect Notes (in transposing) for guitar - guitar 1 part

"Perfect" - is a very romantic ballad from the third studio album "Divide" (2017) by Ed Sheeran, who quickly took first place on the world hit charts. Ed Sheeran also recorded the song in duets - with Beyoncé and Andrea Bocelli. In our study there is a score of the song, sheet music and tablature for individual voices, and the notes of melody line...

Our price: 13.50 13.50

Gipsy Kings

Pharaon Notes (in transposing) for guitar - guitar 1 part

"Pharaon" is a very moody and dynamic composition. From the soloist requires a fairly good technical proficiency. Gipsy Kings band performs this song in several different versions. The drawing, which we present here is based on the first, published in 1982 recording this song.Set includes: the score for guitar duo and sheet music and tablature for...

Our price: 15.00 15.00

Acoustic Alchemy

Positive Thinking Notes (in transposing) for guitar - guitar 2 part

"Positive Thinking" is low-keyed, moody piece of the English band Acoustic Alchemy, included on the album "Positive Thinking" from 1998. This composition is distinguished by participation of famous cellist Caroline Dale. In the set we present notation in the form of scores, notes for each instrument separately and own arrangement for piano solo.The...

Our price: 13.50 13.50

Jasmine Thompson

Rather Be Notes (in transposing) for guitar

"Rather Be" - the big hit of the British group Clean Bandit from 2014. The song is also known from performances of many other bands and soloists. Our notation is based on the performance of the British singer Jasmine Thompson.The set contains: the song score, sheet music and lyrics for the vocals - also available with signed chords and sheet music...

Our price: 15.00 15.00

Chris de Burgh

The Lady in Red Notes (in transposing) for guitar solo (fingerstyle)

"The Lady in Red" - is a song from the album "Into The Light" (1986), whose creator and performer is Chris de Burgh, is one of the artist's greatest hits. The track has always had extreme reviews among the critics - as excellent or, conversely, the most annoying song of all time. In our set we present notation in the form of scores and notes for...

Our price: 16.00 16.00

Acoustic Alchemy

The Wind of Change Notes (in transposing) for guitar

"The Wind of Change" - is a short, moody and romantic composition from the twelfth album "AArt" (2001) by the band Acoustic Alchemy. We present here notes for guitar with accompaniment of electronic instruments and our own arrangement for solo piano.The set includes: score, notes and tablatures for the guitar, notes for two synthesizers and notes...

Our price: 11.50 11.50

Paul McCartney

Yesterday Notes (in transposing) for guitar

"Yesterday" is a song, which certainly does not need telling. The original key is in F major, but Paul McCartney retunes guitar tone about the whole down. In our studies of this track can be found among others.: score sheet music along with a String Quartet that we hear on the recording and a single instrumental voices. We are presenting the entry...

Our price: 10.50 10.50

Anna Jurksztowicz

Zima lubi dzieci Notes (in transposing) for guitar - accompaniment

"Zima lubi dzieci" - a popular, cheerful children's song from the album "Sery… i inne numery" by Anna Jurksztowicz. The original accompaniment of electronic instruments we changed for guitar accompaniment and (or) the piano. In the set we present notation in the form of scores and notes for each instrument separately.The kit includes: the score...

Our price: 17.50 17.50

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