Cookie files

1. Cookie files policy

  1. Service PlayYourNotes under the domain uses cookies stored in the temporary files used by the web browser.
  2. The purpose of storing cookies is to improve functionality of the site for the user.
  3. Each registered and non-registered user that is using site under the Telecommunication Act Art.173 agrees to keep cookies website.

2. Stored informations

PlayYourNotes uses the following cookies:

Keeps the information to maintain user session, so user doesn't need to log in to his account on every page of the service.
Stores information about the preferred site language.
Stores information about preferred site currency.
Stores information about recently selected filters in the product catalog.
Stores the username and encrypted password for the logged user (only if user has chosen this option when logging in) - allows to automatically log in to user's account without the need to enter login and password again after returning to the website.
Stores the unique users's identifier in cast of signing up for the newsletter.
Stores information about the welcome message appearance.
Stores information about user's shooping cart.
Stores user's permission to store cookies.

3. How to disable cookies

  1. You can disable collecting cookies by changing the settings of your browser.
  2. Detailed informations about your browser's cookie settings can be found in the browser manual.
  3. In case of denying collecting cookies we can not guarantee proper operation of our website.

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