Saint Agnes And The Burning Train - Sting

Notes for guitar - guitar 1 part

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Instruments: Guitar
Notations: Notes
Parts: Guitar 1

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Available format:
Rock, Pop, Instrumental
The Soul Cages (1991)
Available casts:
Guitar Duo, Piano solo
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Download sheet music for Saint Agnes And The Burning Train (from album The Soul Cages) by Sting. Arrangement: Notes for guitar - guitar 1 part.

"Saint Agnes And The Burning Train" is a moody composition comes from a very personal album Sting of 1991. We present here the arrangement for guitar duo and our own transcription for solo piano.

Set includes: score for guitar duo, sheet music and tablature for the first and second guitar. There are also notes for piano solo. Tablature are available in two versions - with or without rhythmic values​​.

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Saint Agnes And The Burning Train - Sting

  • Instrument: Guitar
    Notation: Notes
    Part: Guitar 1
  • Price: 5.00 5.00

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