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The automatically translated english version of the Terms and Conditions found below is provided for convenience only. Legally binding is the Polish version of the Terms and Conditions (Regulamin) that can be found here. ×

Terms and Conditions of this content is valid from 8 September 2014.

§ 1. Terms and Conditions

This Terms and Conditions (hereinafter Regulations) determines the access rule and use of the Website and Online Shop playournotes.com (hereinafter Service). Using or the registration in the Service can take place exclusively under the Regulations.

§ 2. Administrator

Firma Muzyczna RONDO-QUARTET is an administrator and a sole owner of the service. Company is located at Daniłowskiego St. 4b/2, 97-300 Piotrków Trybunalski, registered in the Central Register and Information on Business Activity Polish Republic (CEIDG), NIP 7711014514, REGON 590354815, which Jan Walter is an owner, for person in charge of the sole proprietorship (hereinafter Administrator).

§ 3. User
  1. Every natural person, the legal person or person without organizational unit of the legal personality can use the Service (hereinafter User).
  2. Registration and using the Service is voluntary and free of charge. Added additional services which exactly will be described can stay in the Service.
  3. Users having access for the Service from outside territory of the Republic of Poland are responsible for acting in accordance with the established law in Republic of Poland.
  4. The Administrator is reserving the right for the vary off to the Service, the refusal of the service delivery, removing data or the liquidation of ordering for Users which: they are violating the rules determined in Regulations, they are committing attempts to get around Regulations or securities and principles of operation of the Service, are taking illegal, as well as action which are illegal or contrary to good manners.
§ 4. Service and Materials
  1. The service enables the purchase via e-mail drawing up the musical notation or tabulatur of musical pieces and verbal-musical in the form of PDF display file in resolution 1200 dpi (hereinafter Materials).
  2. The service enables Users to purchase and to use Materials offered in it, exclusively on principles determined in Regulations.
  3. Privacy Policy is an integral part of this Regulations.
  4. In order to use the Service, User should have:
    • device with Internet access and a web browser installed versions not earlier than the following:
      • Chrome 31.0.1650 (Mac, Windows, iOS and Android)
      • Safari 6.0.5 (Mac and iOS)
      • Firefox 25.0.1 (Mac, Windows)
      • Internet Explorer 9
      • Opera 18.0 (Mac, Windows)
    • active e-mail account
  5. Playback of audio examples may be required to install additional programs (plug-ins) to the web browser.
  6. Use of Materials in PDF format may require the installation of appropriate program eg. Adobe Reader, which is available on the manufacturer's website: http://www.adobe.com/pl/downloads/.
§ 5. Sales and Supply of Materials
  1. In order to make the purchase of Materials, Users placing an order by activating necessary appropriate options visible on the Service, available by every Material and further proceedings according to pointers handed to the User on every phase of the procedure of placing an order.
  2. During the registration the User will be asked only for giving the address email for which purchased Materials will be send.
  3. By the registration one should understand opening an account in the Service or the filling of right fields during the purchase of materials without the log-on.
  4. Acceptance and verification of order will take place after reading the Regulations and confirmation of this fact by selecting the appropriate option.
  5. Every order is being verified in the automatic way by sending the message email to the address given by the User at placing an order. Receiving the informational message in the email about accepting an order for the accomplishment means that an order was placed correctly.
  6. Executed orders are after receiving by the Administrator accessible to the paid amount due in the Service channels of the payment, title of the payment of the price of given Material. The moment of influencing of the amount due for Materials is finishing the procedure of the contract.
  7. Information about the price of given Material always stays orders given in the Service and while folding.
  8. Prices of Materials in the Service are gross prices given in Polish Zlotys (PLN).
  9. Making a payment can be held in different from the Polish Zloty (PLN), for currency withdrawn by the User, i.e. Euro (EUR), U.S. Dollar (USD) or British Pound (GBP). Currencies are being calculated after the current daily exchange rate and are applicable in a moment of placing an order.
  10. Ordered Materials delivery method is to download by the User through the data made with the data transmission made with the Internet connection, directly to the computer memory of the User or via dedicated mobile applications.
§ 6. Payments
  1. User can make payments through:
    • Dotpay Secure Payments,
    • PayPal,
    • bank transfer.
  2. User transfers the amount of money indicated on the Service prior to receiving Materials (prepayment). Service never asks to enter a login or password for your e-banking.
  3. Dotpay online payment service for https://playournotes.com/ is provided by Dotpay S.A. located at Wielicka 72 St, 30-552 Kraków, NIP 6342661860, REGON 240770255, KRS 0000296790.
  4. PayPal online payment service for https://playournotes.com/ is provided by PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A. (R.C.S. Luxembourg B 118 349).
§ 7. Copyright
  1. All Materials and other publications and texts (farther altogether as Publications) in the Service are protected with act from 4 February 1994 about the copyright and related rights (Journal of Laws of 1994 No. of 24 pos. 83).
  2. Also graphics, logotypes, buttons, pictures as well as their compilations and the available software are subject to a copyright protection in the Service, constituting the property of the Administrator (hereinafter Works of the Administrator).
  3. That being so, no Publications or Works of the Administrator cannot be unlawfully copied, redoubled or spread, of entity without consent authorised.
  4. Using the service the User commits himself for not-implementing any changes and to the non-user without consent of authorised entities from the contents of the Service in other way than determined in this Regulations.
  5. Purchasing the copy of Material is entitling the User exclusively to using appropriately, i.e. reconstructing in electronic devices, of leading to one's of the computer memory or other appropriate devices of Material in order to read the plot given, without the possibility of redoubling Material, the copying and using in the prohibited way with law of his contents in one piece or in fragments or of changing his electronic structure (e.g. file format) or of other alloying of the file with Material (e.g. removing securities or markings).
  6. Also distributing Material, making available or public reconstructing are prohibited, irrespective of the purpose and the form of this action.
  7. The user purchasing Materials in the Service is obliged to care for so that no other unauthorized persons have access to it in this way for them can copy it, to distribute without consent of the Administrator or to exploit him in other way at variance with the scope of granted laws. In case of detecting such situations, the Administrator can direct claims from this title towards User well-known to him of Material, from the title of violating laws to the given copy.
  8. Making purchased products available on the Internet without consent of the Administrator is forbidden. It is regarding private and commercial websites, P2P customers, internet forums, Internet communities in particular. In case of detecting situations mentioned above, the Administrator can manage the reason of the claim identified for the buyer from the title of violating laws to the given copy.
§ 8. Laws of Authors
  1. Administrator declares that he is an independent producer of all Materials offered for the sale and display files (JPG) and sound (MP3) being used for a presentation of the offer, and hence is akin in their owner observing all copyrights.
  2. Drawing the musical notation of musical work up or making his transcription, the Administrator is making every effort them to match the artistic idea of authors or contractors and didn't violate their personal rights.
  3. Presented sound previews of the musical notation aren't an artistic interpretation of the work, but only digital processing the graphic record.
  4. Administrator declares that he operates with respect for the property rights of authors and has a license agreement concluded with OZZ ZAiKS in Warsaw.
§ 9. Unbundled Software
  1. Rendering ordered Materials in the Service requires installing the appropriate software. The every installation of such a software is a subject of the individual licence agreement between the User and the supplier of such a software. The administrator will give information to the User in required providing software. The administrator isn't bearing responsibility for the correctness and effects of the action of the software.
  2. Administrator is conducting customer service, associated with technical problems being able to appear while using the software in the essential scope in Polish and English for reading ordered Materials.
§ 10. Customer Complaints
  1. All disruptions in functioning of the Service, remarks aimed at his and all other matters tied with the purpose and objects of the Service, in it concerning defects in Materials, can be advertised by Users by reporting to the Administrator or persons performing the role of carers the Service or sent by the User via e-mail to the support(at)playournotes.com.
  2. Complaints applications can be reported within 14 days of the date of the purchase.
  3. Complaints applications systematically will be investigated by the Administrator in the time not longer than 7 days from receiving the complaints application.
  4. Due to the specific nature of the Materials purchased by te User (electronic data) cannot be returned, so the user can not cancel the contract on the terms described in the Art. 10 section 3 point 5 of the Act from 2 March 2000 about the protection of some consumer rights and about the responsibility for the dangerous product and for liabilities for the damage caused by the dangerous product.
  5. The purchasing user is declaring moreover that he is conscious of fact, that supplied service in frames of the Service (among others the sale and using Materials) cannot be returned due to her character, in the connection with what, the User cannot withdraw from an agreement on principles described
  6. Receiving the corrupted file, incomplete or at variance with the description placed at the offer can be a base of the customer complaint. If this is the case the User is filing a complaint to the address support(at)playournotes.com efective file. After admitting a complaint, in possibly the shortest time, the User will receive the relevant email to his address file.
  7. The customer complaint cannot be based of:
    • file correctly shown on the computer screen,
    • non-receipt of the file of the e-mail address for the reason incorrectly given,
  8. Customer complaints and remarks contrary to Regulations won't be investigated.
§ 11. Contents of the Service put by Users
  1. Administrator will make every effort the Service and all services made available behind his agency to act in the constant way without any disruptions.
  2. Administrator reserves the right for temporary complete or partial turning off the Service to the purpose of improving it, adding services or conducting the conservation, without earlier warning about it Users.
  3. Administrator reserves the right for the anonymous publication of contents directed by Users at the team of the handling of the Service, but concerning issues associated with functioning of the Service (so-called FAQ), with given advice and other, which the Administrator will acknowledge that they are worth the reply to these contents as for of publicizing.
  4. Users have the right to place comments to materials contained on the Website. Placing comments is possible after login.
  5. Users have the right to freedom of the presentation of information, opinions, comments or other statemets, with the stipulation of sec. 6. Exclusively the User is bearing responsibility for the content of placed information and opinions by him.
  6. It is unacceptable posting comments that:
    • are contrary to the law or the rules of social coexistence,
    • infringe the rights of third parties,
    • are vulgar or obscene,
    • promote violence, racial or religious hatred or are otherwise objectionable,
    • are advertising.
  7. Administrator has the right to remove comments inconsistent with sec.6, as well as other comments considered by Administrator for cumbersome or unnecessary in view of the subject of discussion. Comments that are not related to commented material may be removed by the Administrator. In addition, to the extent vulgar or obscene statements, Administrator may, at its discretion, convert such statement to remove elements inconsistent with sec.6 and place such reworked statement.
  8. Users who violate sec.6 may be permanently deprived of the access to the Service by the Administrator.
  9. Administrator has the right to freedom of management comments. In particular, it may, without giving any reasons, suspend the comments, remove comments from Service or change the rules for their placement and verification.
§ 12. Amendments to Regulations
  1. Administrator reserves the right for amendments to Regulations caused by possible changes in the law or an extension of the functionality of the Service, with the reservation that the contracts concluded before the amendment to the Regulations shall apply the version of the Regulations in force at the time of order.
  2. Amendments to the Regulations will be published on the Service in the form of a unified text along with information about the date of any change. Registered Users will be automatically notified of the change in Regulations.
  3. After appearing on pages of the Service of information about changes in Regulations, the User should immediately read as amended, because logging on or any other activity in the Service, made after such an announcement are explicit from approval of new contents of Regulations by the User. Previous versions of regulations will be placed in a Service.
§ 13. Privacy Policy
  1. This privacy policy (hereinafter Privacy Policy) is describing principles of protection and the Users concerning the processing of information in the Service.
  2. Filling the registration form in the Service the User is declaring that data given in are correct, has the right to have them at his disposal as well as read this Regulations and with the Privacy Policy and is accepting all provisions of Regulations and Privacy Policy.
  3. User data are being processed by the Service in compliance with all safety requirements, according to principles determined in effective laws and regulations and aren't being made available to other operators. The user has a right of the free access to its personal details at any time, the right to correct them, as well as the right to demand ceasing processing them and removing them from the database.
  4. Commercial advices in an electronic form (e-mail) will be handed over exclusively in the event that the User gave the individual consent to receive them in such a form (record to the Newsletter). Giving consent to receive the correspondence via e-mail (e-mail) the User is making by marking right fields during the registration in the service, of shopping, as well as in the framework of placing the user account after log on for the Service. The above permission can be canceled by the User at all times by marking right fields out as part of placing the account or through the click into the appropriate link to the certified excerpt in the correspondence received via e-mail. (Journal of Laws No. 133 pos. 883)
  5. Personal details of Users, received by the Administrator during the registration in the Service, communicated are by Users voluntarily. However handing them over is a necessary condition of folding and the correct performance of the contract for the purchase of Materials offered in the Service. (Journal of Laws No. 133 pos. 883)
  6. For every User it is entitled to an unrestricted right to the inquiry of errors about contents stored to his subject, as well as the right to demand the change, blocking or removing data, as well as the right to correct, the supplement or updating user data. Users interested in above changes are asked for contact at the email address contact(at)playournotes.com.
  7. An Administrator, as well as entities dealing with the payment are a recipient of personal details of Users.
  8. The user is responsible for keeping secret his passwords, login names and other given data in the Service. The administrator isn't answering for making available by the user of the data for third parties and behind effects of the action made with using them.
  9. The administrator is responsible for the data security gathered in the base of the Service. Dotpay S.A., PayPal (Europe) are responsible for the data security given by the User in relation to the payment by Dotpay, PayPal.
  10. The administrator won't make available in no other way, than it results from the purpose of the Service and the scope of granted permissions and statements, information and details about Users for the third entities without legal grounds demanding from the Administrator such action and assures about making all efforts so that this information is actually guarded, in particular into the predicted way with provisions of the Data Protection Act and regulations issued on her base.
  11. The service enables to use the function of the newsletter (hereinafter Newsletter).
  12. In order to use the Newsletter one should in the relevant form give one's address email and to indicate desire for receiving the Newsletter.
  13. With the Newsletter in particular information referring directly to Service, services and Materials, non-commercial materials, messages and commercial information will be sent, in it commercial, as well as titbits associated with Materials.
  14. The user at all times can resign from the function of the Newsletter.
§ 14. Cookies Policy
  1. Service is using cookies files which are facilitating using its resources, allow to the personalization of examined contents, for selecting contents to individual preferences and needs of users and for the data collection to needs of analysing the move from Users as part of the Service. Useful information contains Cookies and are being stored in the computer of the User - the Service can read files out at the another tie-up with the computer of the User. Turning off the option cookies isn't depriving possibilities of using the service, though certain functionalities of files under the procedure turned off of the User cookies can be unavailable or blocked.
  2. Service at analytical targets is using the mechanism Google Analytics, being based on a reading of files cookies. Mechanism Google Analytics, belonging to Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, California, 94043 USA, in the anonymous way is collecting general statistical data about Users visiting the Service and serves the improvement of the quality of functioning of the Service and analysing in what way Users are using the Service.
  3. Service contains AddThis fields. AddThis is a freely accessible service on the Internet that will make it easier for visitors to our Web page, bookmark the current page (known as favourites) to put on and share with other users in social networks (social networks are services such as Facebook or Twitter, where among themselves to share the user content from the Internet, comment and rate). AddThis provides the user with a nexus to almost all popular bookmark services and social networks. When you use AddThis elements your internet browsers establishes a direct connection to the servers of AddThis and possibly the chosen social network or bookmarking service. The generated data (such as time of use or browser language) are transferred to the AddThis LLC in the U.S. and processed there. When you submit content of the website to social networks, bookmarking services, etc. a connection between the site and your user profile can be produced at the appropriate network. For further information on data processing and data protection by AddThis LLC, see www.addthis.com/privacy. For more information on data processing and data protection through the social networks, bookmarking services, etc. as well as your settings, please refer to the privacy policies of those websites. Processing of the data concerned, or their disclosure to third parties by us will not take place. More detailed information is also apparent from the aforementioned website. If you do not want AddThis to collects information about you, you may not use this AddThis elements.
  4. More information about used cookie files is on the site Cookie files.

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